Why I’m boring or I’m not pretty to you but I don’t really care.

Today it becomes clear.

This world is so large as the ocean, everyone has their opinions about you.

Not everyone is a specialist in impression control.

So the situation becomes, some are saying you are boring, while some are saying you are not so cute.


But please remember, there are also people who cherish your beauty and they call you “cutie” and there are people who like to laugh with you and dance with you because you are such a richly humorous individual.

It’s not that you are not perfect to them but it is that you haven’t met your people. Those special ones who see you through and appreciate you for who you are. They love the whole you.

So be assertive. When you are not so sure about others’ opinions on you.

Only you know you best.

You are fun, just your fun is different than theirs.

You are pretty, just your beauty is different than theirs. 

Don’t care about how people think about you unless you wanna fit in their ideal model of your image or if you agree with what they are saying.

Never suspect you as you.

You grow up this way and there is a good reason for who you are right now.


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