Beauty business with brain

Normally, people consider bloggers develop their business so easily. The always true thing is that you shouldn’t believe what you see. To do her business, Chiara and her co-founder Riccardo did lots of underground thinkings and considerations. At bottom, they do business around the globe. The blog business is no exception, better do it with your brain. Above passion, a through thinking is needed. Or you will be nobody. So they are clever businessmen.

But the best thing that people should envy them is that they enjoy it much better than office workers as their hobbies, traveling and shooting, become their job. And they found a teamer later with new friends. What people like most is always with friends and who you love.

From the HBR in 2015, I got some ideas how they got their way here. They made it by taking full advantage of this modern age and so common tool we use everyday – internet. Specifically, social media. Better be creative when use it next time.

Where she started: From the very beginning, her photos were on flickr and She accumulated quite a lot followers on it from 17. At the year 2008 at 24, when she was about to graduate at law school, she started The Blonde Salad with her then boyfriend Riccardo, the intent was to to better serve her followers with an independent website.

Also, she started from The Blonde Salad years ago when everything just started. After then, when instagram became so popular they added this platform. But when they found viewers number decrease when Chiara posted same photos on both ins and her blog. They thought it over. And after that, teams will plan in advance about what would be posted on the blog website and for Chiara herself, she used ins and snapchat more to interact with her followers. Now, Chiara tells her story through the combination of these platforms.

Where she is now: Instagram + Snapchat + Twitter (will specify it in the next post)

Her Team’s duty: by team, it’s actually her company.

The Blonde salad: the fashion blog, may turn into a lifestyle magazine in the long run

TheChiaraFerragniCollection: sell products, from shoes to accessories, who knows there won’t be ready – to -wear in the future? Or haute -couture collection? Just wait to see.

Also, Chiara said don’t try too hard, from her story, I get what she means by that. Hope you do as well.



HBR article:




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