Chiara Ferragni’s Magic Keys 嘉拉.法拉格尼的成功法宝

When you google how Chiara Ferragni made her way today,  you will find that CBS just covered and introduced her on March 23rd. There is also an interviewed posted on Youtube with Chiara talking about her blog business. Now she has a team of 18 people, managing the 8 million business. And everyone is interested in how she made it, in 2015 HBR did a case study on the blog “The Blonde Salad”.

Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 4.32.17 PM

The blonde salad web 最新博客主页

Chiara’s Magic keys to fashion world:

Share and Inspire. Chiara’s first intention was to share it to those who love her style and inspire. She herself also value the cliche word “inspiration”, get from everything around. Business starts here.

Be true to yourself and never try too hard. That doesn’t mean you should just stay the status quo but you should leverage what you have. Many  have the feeling they don’t have enough skills to try something, it’s wrong.

Be authentic. Share when having the feeling of wanting to share your positive moments. Not becuz you have to, but becuz you love to…

Take risks. You take risk, you’ll get paid off.  After the blog gets more and more famous, the team began to explore the possibility to shoe business. It turns out be a successful one, accounting for a large part of business revenue.

Express yourself in a different way. Find what you like most and leverage social media to differentiate yourself.

2015年最成功的博主当算ChiaraFerragni了,这一年初哈佛商业评论也对她超级感兴趣。这个博主还在成长中,虽然她已经在做很大一笔生意了,她的博客The Blonde Salad加上同名的鞋牌,已经达到800万美金的价值,而团队现在在18人左右,均在30岁以下,并且总部至今在米兰(CF的祖国),她自己本人是已经在LA买房子了,所以办公室搬来美国也是早晚的事情啦。






有时间的时候还可以去看看另一位LA出来的亚裔博主SongofStyle, Amiee Song. 她们两出现的时间很相近呢。CF2009年,AS2008年。


Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 5.22.15 PM.png 品牌官网



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  4. Other platforms the Blond Salad use: Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Google+/Youtube
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