Want to be Popular like famous bloggers?想和知名博主们一样红?

By looking at Chiara Ferragni’s blog- The Blonde Salad, I dug the posts from the beginning of her career in fashion blogging. It was in winter, 2009. At first, she was so bold and did post everything she felt like doing. I also kept looking at some other blog posts from Chinese platform – Wechat and weibo. After comparisons and contrasts,  I realize there are so many details to pay attention to when your blog wants to gain more attention and grow fans.



How to fascinate from the beginning to the end? 

1. Use your words and photos in a smart manner. You know where you are good at and where you are weak at, so take advantage of your strengths and show it in your style. By this, I mean, if you are bad at words, why not use photos more to describe what you want to convey. Either pictures or texts, they are just tools.



2. Grab their eyes! How to get the right attention from the right ones? If you are writing a long article or you are writing a long blog, there must be a risk of losing your readers in the middle way they read it. So to reduce the risk, why not use colors, bold or special fonts to highlight it? If readers are in a rush, they can scan the highlighted part, if readers are interested and patient enough, they will read it through. Thus, you get two kinds of readers.



3. Make sure You are You, not anyone else. It’s like when you are walking among the crowds, readers can see you stand out  very quickly. “Oh, that’s Fay, I know her.” It’s like your are in colors and others are in black and white. Get your own colors on.



4. Again, why people remember you, not others? Less crap, more insights. Show them what you get. People get bored on long and tedious things.


Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 12.31.15 AM


(Seth Godin’s Blog style- always short but a big hit.)


5. Always respond to your fans or readers in a respectful way. It’s what successful bloggers did or are doing now. All around the world. Even more, respond in a smart and humorous way.


Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 12.20.09 AM


(Chiara Ferragni- The Blond Salad, she replied to her fans selectively)CF原来还是很互动的。

(gogoboi- popular fashion blogger who makes money from ads inserted in his posts, which I will talk about later, responded in a humorous tune.)这个家伙蛮逗。


Ins: fayznyzzz

Lofter(乐乎): http://beauvent.lofter.com  

Sina weibo(微博):  http://weibo.com/u/1568555167     

Wechat is on the way…(微信,在路上)

Comments and questions are most welcome.



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