Wechat Public Platform and its business use微信公众平台和其商用

Wechat Marketing has many successful cases currently, more and more small business companies use this tool to create and maintain good relationships with their target audience. For example, a delivery service brand called Shentong express from China has a store in flushing, New York. This year, the store starts using wechat to add customers as its friends. Now, wechat functions as customer service tool. And it makes communication between both easier. This is usual when companies want to make breakthroughs in the developing process. However, this doesn’t count as public platform in terms of communication form. Wechat public platform has the following entrances, and its majority users now are mandarin speaking people. And the characteristics among different business types differs. And as for the use of wechat social function(its basic function), it’s also different among different layers of audience of various ages.

微信营销在当下有很多成功案例,也有越来越多的小企业通过微信创建与客户之间良好的关系。加深与客户之间的联系。举例: 纽约法拉盛申通快递旗舰店,利用微信和客户之间直接成为好友,使得微信平台直接充当客服的作用,增加便利性。这是企业在发展过程中利用微信社交功能来实现突破。这还不能算是公众平台。微信公众平台有如下端口,目前大多数用户都是华语用户,各个不同的商业领域以及有不同的特征。在微信的使用上,不同年龄层的受众接收到的信息形式也有不同的风格。

The WECHAT official sites are as following, in two languages.


English web:  https://admin.wechat.com/

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 2.13.24 PM

中文官网:          https://mp.weixin.qq.com/

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 1.31.07 PM.pngThere are cases for audience and first time users to learn from and get experience. There are three different categories of service platform.

The first one is Service platform, it aims to make business companies provide service and communicate with target customers in a more convenient way. Because the convenience grow, the company would be more likely to expand its target audience.

The second one is called Subscription platform. It’s used more and more these days by startups. And its function is the closest among the three to a blog. It could functions as the media platform and for a new brand or a new media to promote themselves around the world.

The third one is Company platform, it is used by organizations and companies to connect and get information easily interiorly. It makes management and communication more effectively in the entire company. Universities, NGOs, and agencies all use it.


Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 1.33.48 PM

It worths noting that these days, the wechat business platform are still growing. Just yesterday, I met with a group of artists and entrepreneurs, about four out of seventeen are starting their business with wechat platform. And also, for those are already very powerful, many international brands expand their tentacles via wechat to reach broader audience, especially mandarin speakers.


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