How To leverage these tools for best!


These tools are the media we use in blogs to convey our message and information. Now, we know, so many could be picked to use. For example, video, infographic, pictures, audio, and basically, paragraphs of words. And also, I’m thinking about how to use personal social platforms and business platforms.

Ideas are important but how to convey your idea is as important because it’s online communication, you need to be exposed more and fascinating enough to get people to read and leave them with great impressions.

Before posting, I will choose the types of media according to the characteristics of the post I have each time. Usage of a single medium or integration of media is all possible. The rule is for the final post to be creative and fascinating. For example,in the foreseeable future, I will write about how social media works here and the difference in China. I will use more pictures than videos. In future, if I’m going to post in fashion industry, pictures and videos will be combined to get more likes.

When posting, several pieces of advice in detail I just noticed:

Try to have short and impressive keywords to get attention at once. Long paragraphs should be used when your purpose is to introduce something new and get an idea in detail to be explained.

Use underlined and bold font to emphasize and arouse attention if your content is not simple to read. If key words resonate with audience, the chance for the article to be looked through will grow.

Links to sources are important if you want people to learn more and it’s decided by their initiatives to dig deeper or not. And for respect to the original authors, it’s better to this.

When sharing your post to other social platforms, it’s better to put the link of your blog on other platforms but do not post it directly on other platforms. Maybe it’s better to add some comments or write developed ideas of these posts.FullSizeRender.jpg

And for language, I’m considering to use Instagram for business use and post my own style photo for international users in english and for Chinese users, I would like to choose Wechat as  a good platform. I will also post my blogs on it, but the language will be Chinese.

As for how I use social platforms like Instagram and Facebook, I consider Facebook more personal. So I may choose Instagram for personal business. And from my observation, I have a question about should we keep it a personal business or it’s better to have a team to coordinate all the things to do? Still thinking about the difference in these two, should it be a personal brand or a team brand. What if for now, I just want to create my own blog? Because it’s a fashion blog, it involves professional photo skills in the long run. Yes, so for now, I want to keep it a personal one. If the business have a good output, I will consider form a team in the future. Let’s see.

But the content of my fashion blog shouldn’t be only about business, it could also talk about lifestyle and views of life. Maybe personal posts and business posts could be combined, I’m still thinking about it. I saw someone’s talking about future trend about business in fashion industry, it’s likely that stores will combine different styles of art, like cooking, music, painting and clothing. Who knows?  Time tells the story.



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