Blog Building rules

I have some basic ideas about blogging. But in the past, my blogging doesn’t have anything to do with business.I always focused on myself. So I want to write down the difference and remind myself. It doesn’t matter whether I’m on the right track to reach the right audience or not. The following rules are to be adjusted as I get further along the way.

1.First of first,  “Content is King”. My blogs or posts just show my personal image to those who know me. But from now on, since my goal of this blog is to discover and start my business here, the focus should transfer to the one I want to reach.

2. As for the post categories, start from delivering useful information of all kinds. Absolutely, I like more about food, fashion and traveling, also, everything I knew from past experience. Start from here.

3. Be smart and professional! Do every research if you are not sure about the content. Keep the high quality from the start.

4. Treat your blog as a little new-born baby. Be patient and feed it with the right “food” at a certain frequency.

5. Use a variety of forms to build this blog. Try to make the content more vividly presented to audience. Try different ways and see how it works. Feed your blog with interesting stuff.

6. As for the language, from my past experience, if the audience which I haven’t set yet is Chinese, I’d better use bi-language, that is Chinese and English. This way, I would gain more audience in case they are not familiar with either one language.

7. Adjust and record as you blog. The formula is Try + Observe+Adjust + Conclude = Success!


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