Stories about BLOG in China start here…

This seems a brand new start learning online posting. I used websites to post for many years. But it may not count as blogging. We have our own popular platforms back in China. So it’s interesting to learn new things and compare these back to Chinese ones. It’s of great fun. Maybe in the future, I would really use some platforms for my own business. Since now I’m a bit out of mind about where to start. Just start from here. Start from what I can recall.

Frankly it was from high school I started to post articles on my own blog. It’s an application very popular among Chinese. Qzone, a blog-like platform for every QQ player to create our own stories. But mostly, only my QQ friends could see what I posted there. It’s like a private blog. But some could make it public and even make it a business blog, they post their ads and grow their business there.BTW, QQ is among Chinese first several social networks by Tencent. After then, wechat was developed on Jan, 2011(research information from Google). It grows fast among older users. It’s now more applied by the mass of China.  And around 2009, another Chinese application,sina weibo, started to grow at a really astonishing speed. It functions as the microblogging service platform for common people. Later on, Tencent developed its own blog platform called QQ weibo to drive back the traffic lost to sina weibo. Actually, you can think of sina weibo as the Twitter that is the Chinese version.  And I began using weibo since I started my freshman year during 2011 and among us undergrad, an application called Renren was really popular. It’s kind of like Facebook but not totally same. The strange thing is we all use it at a high frequency till Junior year, after that we all move to weibo. Gradually, even we use QQ sometimes, we abandoned Renren once and forever. Never back again.  For my junior year, some of us transfered to another light blog by Netease company. It’s called Lofter. And some other different applications all pump up and have its own loyal users. Some are radio apps such as Lizhi FM, some are short video apps to post podcasts like Meipai, Miaopai.


Coincidentally, I am very interested in how to build a growing followers group from scratch for business. I would tell you about my post stories and experience back in China and compare it with my new experience in the US now. Through the process, my goal is to create my own style and develop my platform.

At the beginning, I’d like to share info about a platform I’ve been using for two years, it’s called LOFTER, aka the light blogger by users, which has high-quality content from the start. Artists, mainly Chinese artists from all around the world blog on it. Actually from time to time we find some from other countries post on it as well, such as Brand USA. I am very interested in the fashion area, so I care about fashionistas. I got to know a Chinese fashionista who moved to LA over 20 years ago and we got to meet each other on Lofter and kept touch, even this year I got to meet her in LA and we shared great ideas! This made me think this platform as a miracle because I never met any strangers offline from online blogs. Horrible news about how people got cheated when they met offline so I never tried even once. I even never trusted anyone from online. So this Lofter was a new experience for me and I really appreciated it. Different from mainstream social network like weibo(Chinese’s Twitter), Lofter targets on smaller and higher- quality user groups. So it has a good relationship with early users but there’s still bad comments on it later. Some users say it has changed its strategy to attract more traffic, too much traffic, and the quality of the contents decreased. So some former users just gave up Lofter and move to other quieter spaces. For now, I check my Lofter from time to time. I moved there because I don’t want to post articles I wrote to who I know. And platforms I used to post mostly was all to people in my social circle. So Lofter was like a new and private space for me. I discovered many bloggers who have great quality content I admire and enjoy. So I am still on this one but I don’t find it easy enough to post.

Find more about me on my Chinese Blog:         (Lofter)


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