Right / Wrong Desire to start in a big company?

I applied for the P&G and J&J campus recruitment a few days ago.

When I did the elements test from P&G, I was feeling it’s quite interesting. But when J&J’s little arrows appeared in over 3 questions, I was feeling why people use this kind of test to judge people for their intelligence. Maybe there is no better way currently as there are thousands of people competing for one position. There should be a way to pick out one candidate, no matter what.

But from my stand of point, I was feeling this is really a huge world with a ton of people you will never meet for the entire lifetime. By this I mean, there’re so many ways of living. The way to happiness is not limited to enter a high profile company.

I know I want be become more intelligent but I am doubting was my thinking that I should enter a Fortune 500 company is a right idea. Maybe yes, maybe not. I do have the desire, but I don’t want myself to feel miserable or it’s just myself feeling disgusted or upset during the test process. I was nervous so my intelligence was degraded to some extent. I kept touching my back because of my nervousness.

Last night, I was feeling exhausted when realizing I wasn’t given a chance to take the verbal test from Adidas. A few days ago, I was refused for a basic position to write WeChat copies. I wasn’t upset bc I wasn’t so interested in the position. After two or three failures from the top companies, I knew it’s not easy even I’m back home. Here are so many students from all backgrounds competing with me. I’d better hold on. This is what I told myself before I went sleep. I told myself I need some discipline to hold my energy and keep trying.

This morning, before the J&J test, I read something from Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I read this kind of financial books recently partly because of my fear of not getting a job, not feeding myself.

My situation is that I utilized lots of years for two diplomas – one bachelor, another master. My professional experience is poor for anyone in the industry to see. Still, I have a high exception on my entry salary which surprises my dad. How can I have such a high expectation? But to me, it’s only a number. I don’t really care only if I can feed myself. But when the interviewer asks you, you still have to assertively give a number.

Back to the test, I was feeling furious to some points. This kind of question should be a piece of cake to me. But I made mistakes and due to the limit time for each question, I lost a few on each of the three parts.

Now, half an hour past. I am sitting here checking on my blogs. I knew today I should be open-minded. Nothing can judge or tell us who we are. If they don’t fit me, we just keep looking, trying and finding the optimal way for ourselves.  The next keyword is thinking about the state of mind I should have.


Thanks for reading. Have fun with your day!







摄影笔记Note|听Stanley聊摄影 Stanley’s talking about photoshooting


一个名为Stanley Chen的摄影师讲了一些基本的摄影原理。Stanley是一个年纪相仿的摄影师,专业原为环境学,但是现在是职业摄影师,或许因此,他的摄影作品更多的是关于大自然。

喜欢他的原因,是因为他的简单和专注。关注他有三四年了,从Lofter开始的。最初喜欢他的自然系列摄影,作品给人干净清澈无累赘的清新感。后来看他在new jersey湖边背对着big apple跳poppin舞。心里很奇妙。今年刚刚看到他的Ins,可惜他本来住在new jersey那么近,过去两年没有试着去reach out,时间这么过去了,他也离开此地。

关于拍摄的思维方式,Stanley的观点是 :“拍摄的一瞬间是来不及也不需要思考的,需要锻炼的是感觉。” 怎么做呢?去看更多大师的拍摄作品。训练自己的直觉反应。



William Eggleston




Alex Webb 




Vivian Maier 




Saul Leiter 


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Arnold Newman 













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Why I’m boring or I’m not pretty to you but I don’t really care.

Today it becomes clear.

This world is so large as the ocean, everyone has their opinions about you.

Not everyone is a specialist in impression control.

So the situation becomes, some are saying you are boring, while some are saying you are not so cute.


But please remember, there are also people who cherish your beauty and they call you “cutie” and there are people who like to laugh with you and dance with you because you are such a richly humorous individual.

It’s not that you are not perfect to them but it is that you haven’t met your people. Those special ones who see you through and appreciate you for who you are. They love the whole you.

So be assertive. When you are not so sure about others’ opinions on you.

Only you know you best.

You are fun, just your fun is different than theirs.

You are pretty, just your beauty is different than theirs. 

Don’t care about how people think about you unless you wanna fit in their ideal model of your image or if you agree with what they are saying.

Never suspect you as you.

You grow up this way and there is a good reason for who you are right now.